Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I live on the route, where should I park my car? You can park your car in your driveway or off the route on a different street. This makes getting around easier on the day of the event, and ensures that more of the street is available for you to enjoy!

  2. I live on the route, how do I get to and from my house? Intersection staff are here to assist with getting your car safely on and off the route. Please be patient, they want to make sure people in the street are safe as well!

  3. If I leave my car on the route, will it be towed? Nope! BUT we strongly urge you to park off the route if you think you'll need your car during the event hours. This makes it easier for all of us! Spaces in front of participating businesses WILL need to be cleared.

  4. Where do I find out what businesses are participating? That'd be at Find Out Who's Open (updated soon!)

  5. What health and safety precautions will be taken? Staff and open businesses are following all guidelines set out by the CDC and Vermont Department of Health. This includes masks required for all staff working, and patrons not eating. Also, ample physical distancing for tables, routine cleaning of tables and surfaces touched frequently. Find the full list of precautions being taken here: